Meet kendyra

I’m a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and vegan (since 2012). I would have followed a 100% plant based diet earlier, if I had known more sooner. Knowledge is power, and Nutritional unawareness is…..well, not a good place from which to make important dietary decisions. My natural curiosity for all things health & nutrition led me to studying the two year program in Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver.

I have my plant based Nutrition Certificate, June 2017, from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies e-Cornell University New York, and I’m a V.L.C.E.; vegan lifestyle coach and educator, graduate of The Main Street Vegan Academy New York. I’ll save you time and money by helping you on your way to setting up and following a healthy, compassionate and environmentally friendly diet.

Meet Jasmeen

After multiple health issues, surgeries, and hospital visits, I began my personal health journey to wellness. I decided to study Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, and apply the science of implementing positive changes to the whole being… body, mind and soul, for achieving optimal health.

With my education in nutritional science and health research I strive to help you sort out fact from fiction. In our confusing world, where we see nutritional untruths in all forms of media, i can help you de-stress, de-tox and delight in a world where you are able to experience inner and outer contentment.


Meet Paulina

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